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Recruitment Process PowerPoint Template

Recruitment process PowerPoint infographic is a funnel diagram that shows the four stages of recruitment process. The funnel ppt template is an ideal tool for presenting screening process of any recruitment. An efficient recruitment process is an organizations specific sourcing model that aims to identify the right candidate for the right job at the right time. The recruiting process template is ideal for illustrating the step-by-step process, and displays how the company HR bring talented people who can help the company grow. Recruitment is a filtering process, interview board must understand the talent and potential skills of the candidates by analyzing them and finally decided whether fit or not. A well-structured and precisely crafted recruitment process aids the hiring team filter the right candidates faster while staying focused on engaging the eligible candidates for maximum conversions. The lead funnel PowerPoint describes how a large number of jobseekers screened and finally become the part of the company or organization.

The stages of recruitment process may vary from company to company depending on the organizational structure of the company. It may also depend on size of company, nature of operation, existing recruitment workflow and selection process. The recruiting processes not only reflects the organizations professionalism but also attract the kind of candidates while saving the money and time spent on attracting, engaging, appointing and retaining talent.

The funnel template for recruitment process presentation is a self-explanatory PowerPoint that shows how the selection processes take on. The simple funnel PowerPoint template is designed as origami paper- cutting with an expanded top and the narrowed bottom. At the start, there are four cartoon characters and stage after stage it shows how the screening has occurred. So, in the narrow bottom only one personal is remaining, this metaphorical design conveys the exact message of recruitment process. The funnel template for PowerPoint presentation is an editable diagram, so the presenters can make changes on its features. If they want to add one more stage they easily fix it with alterations.