• Arrow Infographic Template for Powerpoint and Keynote

Arrow Infographic Template for Powerpoint and Keynote Presentations

The arrow infographic template for PowerPoint and keynote is a flat vector design that will consume any topic for the presentation. The peculiar arrow was designed with a circle instead of a dart point. The layout is suitable for business presentations as well as educational presentations. Business development, business process, business strategies, plans, stages, steps can be taken as a presentation topic. Apart from these, business agenda, company vision, and mission, core values, startup ideas can be also illustrated with the colorful business template.

The arrow PowerPoint template is colored attractively and has three topic zones on the surface of each ribbon shape arrow design. Users can use the icon placeholders, flat text placeholders, and folded zone that indicates the percentage placeholders to show the different elements of the same concept. Besides, there is a text zone for the detailed descriptions. This abundance of texts is the major highlight of this infographic arrow PowerPoint template. Sales reports and marketing risks can be projected by the sales managers or marketing managers. The arrows are designed in an unequal manner. The height of the horizontal arrows shows the differences in the sales volume and market possession. Users can use it as a comparison PowerPoint diagram, and make comparisons between two or four products.

The arrow infographic template for PowerPoint and keynote helps the presenters in displaying easy-to-understand project flows and events. The customization features of PowerPoint enable users to make alterations in design to meet their needs. Edit text placeholders, change color and effects without requiring expertise in PowerPoint presentation. The PowerPoint clipart; briefcase, key, steps, and tools can be used for the support pillars of the presentation subject or insert new objects, which have excellent sync with the subject matter. Users can search and download arrow process diagrams and rock the presentation. This arrow template is worked in both PowerPoint and keynote.

Infographic arrow PowerPoint template and Keynote use the template and rock your presentation The template is designed in both PowerPoint and keynote version in 16:9(widescreen) and 4:3(Normal) Version.