• Pentagon Arrow Slide
  • Pentagon with Arrow Slide

PowerPoint Designers uses various polygonal structures such as rectangle, square, triangle, pyramid, hexagon, bars, octagon, and circle ppt shapes to attract the audience. Some figures match the presentation theme, while others only provide an aesthetic feel when we see them. This pentagon arrow slide is a modern art created using pentagon shapes. The process presentation diagram has a clinically fit pentagon design in the center and on the peripheries. It has five pentagon palettes with a big pentagon shape. These shapes are all together, creating a circular presentation template. The circular rotation pattern is fit showing the repetitive nature of business development. It is also used to display the relationship of the five subevents to the central theme.

The pentagon arrow powerpoint presentation creates a geometric feel with the symmetrical chevron arrow shape. In the center, the big pentagon will change its color when you switch to black to white color background and vice versa. This is because the big shape consumes the background powerpoint color as its master color. At the same time, the arrow powerpoint pentagon shapes in the outer layer remain in the same color codes even when you are switching. It uses yellow, green, blue, light green, and rose to attract the audience. Besides, each peripheral shape shows a shadow effect with a grayed color theme. Furthermore, each figure has numberings that allow the viewer to distinguish sub-elements easily. Moreover, on the surface of the peripheral pentagon, there is a curved think arrow ppt to show the circular rotation perfectly.

Pentagon arrow slides for powerpoint presentations will tame any concept have five topics. Generally, circular powerpoint diagrams are used to create iterations in a sequential flow. The design has text placeholders on both sides; the left side has two text zones, and the right-hand side has three text areas. The presenters can insert a heading in the center. Search for more designs of the hexagon and other polygonal shapes on slidebazaar.com