• 5 Infographics Arrows Powerpoint and Keynote template
  • 5 Infographics Arrows Powerpoint and Keynote template
  • 5 Arrow Infographics Powerpoint and Keynote template

5 Arrow PowerPoint Template

5 infographics arrow PowerPoint template and keynote is a flat vector template with five steps. The diagram resembles a star metaphor. The center features a pentagon shape, wherein the presenters can write their key topic of the PowerPoint presentation. Business process and activity presentation are ideal with this five-stage arrow ppt template. Normally, arrow diagrams show the path direction; these outward arrows are trying to show the concepts on the surface. The diagram is available in two backgrounds that are modifiable by new tints and color combinations. The PowerPoint template ensures catchy and interesting engagement of the viewers on the presentation topic with maxim participation.

The 5 infographics arrow PowerPoint template and keynote slide is designed as five outward going arrows sharp as pencil showing the 5 segments of a process. The arrows in circular rotation visualize the continuous process. It is useful to display the progress of sequential activities, events, or tasks through stages in the circular flow. Though it tries to show circular movement, the shape does not seem to be a perfect circle, the movement of arrows towards different directions creates a hexagon shape in the center. This two-slide arrow template has two diagram designs with two background colors. These non-cyclical flow diagrams are basically used to display cyclical processes as well as non-cyclical processes. Here the outcome of one process is the input for another because the arrows are looping one another. Therefore, the presentation of recurring tasks is ideal for quality, change, sales, and marketing concepts. For example, create a change management process and measure its sustainability by recurring monitoring procedures.

Five steps of risk management or five strategies of project implementation can display through this amazing vector five infographic arrow ppt template. DMADV strategies or the extract of porter’s five forces can show by using this generic PowerPoint template.

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