• Two Way Arrow PowerPoint Template

Two Way Arrow PowerPoint Template

Arrow illustration shows the direction towards a destination, that is why most of the traffic signals are illustrated by the arrow diagrams. It is also used to show relationships and interconnectivity between the elements. The two-way arrow PowerPoint template and keynote is a modern creative design ideal to show four elements of a single concept. The professional arrow PowerPoint template is featuring opposite arrows with a circle in the center. It is ideal for decision analysis presentation. Decision analysis refers to a systematic, quantitative and interactive approach to addressing and evaluating important choices confronted by organizations in the private and public sectors. It is interdisciplinary and draws on theories from the fields of psychology, economics, and management science. Techniques of risk analysis and risk assessment come under the topic of decision analysis, so the two-directional arrow points are ideal to show the risk assessment techniques and risk evaluation methods. The template is designed with flat design PowerPoint shapes that are 100% editable.

Arrow ppt diagram is useful for presenting different aspects of the presentation topic, with the help of the center circle. The curved arrows create a semi-circle look and point towards the results of the analysis. The users can write the topic on the right side of the template and provides its inference in the tips of the arrows. This technic can be changed as per the content of the presentation. If the presenters want to deliver the specifications of the product, they can put their brand logo or the image of the product in the center circle and give its details in the area of written texts. Hence, the arrow template diagram is a multipurpose diagram, will consume any aspects of different subjects. Further, users can use this diagram to show pros and cons and dos or don’ts.

Arrow diagram for PowerPoint presentation allows customization of PowerPoint objects. It is available with two backgrounds and four color pallets. The infographic icons are also alterable by few clicks. Download this arrow diagram and create a suitable topic matching for a PowerPoint presentation.

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