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5 Up Infographic Arrow PowerPoint Template

5-Up infographic arrow template for PowerPoint presentation is a collection of five arrows. However, this template shows the individuality of each element despite the collection. The presenters can use this arrow diagram template to illustrate different concepts in a prioritized manner because the length of the arrows shows the different proportions of height or asymmetry. This unevenness is the major highlight of the diagram. The users can utilize these different proportional arrows as a substitute for typical bar charts. The five-up arrow design is suitable to show general topics like business development and steps towards a successful business. Five business strategies and business plans can be illustrated using the arrow PowerPoint template.

Arrow PPT diagram for PowerPoint presentation contains five vertical arrows, each arrow represents a concept that shows the growth stages of a business or organization. The presenters can use this template to display five key elements of business growth and development. Apart from the business presentations, the template is useful for agenda presentations and academic presentations. The infographic diagram allows almost every topic of the presentation without any discrimination.

Five Up Infographic Arrow PowerPoint template provides you with a progressive arrow structure with 5 neatly arranged upward arrows. Placed in different heights and arranged to form a uniform triangular pattern this arrow infographic can be used to explain different elements of a particular process. Each of these arrows is accompanied by a coloured circular shape that contains numbers to identify either their position or ranks. The arrows start from the bottom end of the page and progress towards an upward direction which shows growth. With 5 eye-pleasing colours and shapes that are 100% customizable, this Five Up Arrow Infographic is ideal for portraying a business process that involves various stages, identifying the contribution of each stage of a process relative to the others, etc.

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