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  • Porters Five Forces PowerPoint Diagram
  • Porters Five Forces Model Template
  • Porters Five Forces Ppt Template
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  • Porters Five Forces PowerPoint Presentation Template

Porters Five Forces Model Template

Porter’s five forces model PowerPoint is a combination of 4 visual aids of business theory presentation. Every entrepreneur starts a business for making profits. But the question is why some industries are getting profit easily, and why do some are fails to make profit. This question requires an exact and defined answer. Business professionals and researchers would merely say that profit is because of the firm’s concentration, established cost advantages, product differentiation and economic scale. Porters Five Forces PPT is an investigation tool that classifies and analyses the five competitive factors of an industry that determines the strength and weaknesses of a company. This model can also determine the magnitude of any industrial competition and level of its profitability. If you are a strategic planner and want to develop an edge over competing firms, then this will aid you to understand better the context in which firms are operating. Porter’s Five Forces are mostly used to analyze the power of competitions, the lucrativeness of the market etc. The main forces are:

  • Rivalry: This force defines how competitive and profitable industry is. Intense rivalry competition results in low profit.
  • Threat of new entrants in a market: This force allows the strategist to determine how easy or hard is to go in an industry. The smoother the entry into a marketplace, the higher is the risk of market shares getting exhausted.
  • Power of supplier: This force examines the power of business supplier. Solid power lets the supplier to sell the product or service at upper prices; they may also sell low-quality materials.
  • Power of buyers: This force enables the buyer affect pricing and quality. Consumer power is high when there aren’t many buyers of a product, but lots of sellers are available.
  • Threat of new substitute products: This force is threatening when buyers find substitute product at a low price and of improved quality.

Porter’s five forces PowerPoint template includes different PowerPoint clipart images to reinforce the idea easily. It also comprises arrow diagrams, timeline ppt template, and circle PowerPoint diagram. The presenters can provide a detailed presentation using the different vector graphics.