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The competitive battle card template is a board presentation model that combines competitive analysis aspects in a column PowerPoint design. This product analysis design is the gateway to all necessary information on sales competition a company is confronting in the market. The competitive battle card is also known as sales battle or kill sheets. It helps analyze the product's value at different development, sales, and marketing levels. Marketers can gather information quickly using the battle card design. Battle cards also help create competitive aspects of other products. It is an instructive model that needs to study to strengthen training and market knowledge. Every sales rep will thank you for the competitive card template because it provides a glimpse of their competitors.

Competitive battle card slides contain six slides with three differently created column and table ppt designs. It will provide a clean look at strengths, weaknesses, pricing comparisons, positioning, re-positioning, target audience, quick tips, how to win, and when to walk away within minutes. So, sales managers should copy the template and send it to the sales executives about the intensity of competition they are facing in the market. Besides anticipated landmines, differentiation is also imprinted on the board. Further, company logos and names can be displayed using the sales battlecard template.

The competitive battle card template for powerpoint presentations has a vivid color combination that highlights the heading and contents. For example, the black and white ppt sales presentation uses red, violet, orange, pink, and many lights and dark variants to win over your viewers. This perfect powerpoint table design allows standard chart designs to be presented. The presenters can use it for virtual meeting sessions to pass over competitive information. Furthermore, the columns seem different from one slide to another. Use battle card template for exclusive presentation for competitive analysis.