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Strategic IT Governance Models PowerPoint Templates

IT governance frameworks PowerPoint template diagram is a single platform for presenting different IT governance models. Perhaps, this may be the first footstep for IT industry professionals to show the IT governance concepts in a single PowerPoint deck.

Slidebazaar’s IT governance PowerPoint template contains 14 slides for impressive presentations. However, in the 14 slides, 6 slides are showing different IT governance concepts (including the introduction slide) of IT governance frameworks. It is created to show corporate information technology governance policies design. IT governance ppt slides show concepts such as COBIT –IT governance, ITIL- IT governance, COSO – IT governance, CMMI – IT governance, FAIR – IT governance, and strategic IT governance models.

COBIT: the acronym refers to Control Objectives for Information and Related Technology. It was designed to be a helpful tool for managers—and let link the crucial gap between technical issues, business risks, and control requirements. It is a global framework adapted by managers worldwide to ensure the proper working of IT processes.

ITIL: it is the most widely adopted IT service management framework in the world. It is an end to end digital operating model that has been designed to support IT professionals creating, operate and delivering technical products/services that are suitable for the organization’s wider business strategy.

COSO: it is a framework for corporate governance. And it is the model for evaluating internal controls. the main objective of this framework is evaluating; operational effectiveness and efficiency, financial reporting reliability, and evaluation of applicable laws and regulations compliance.

CMMI: this acronym stands for Capability Maturity Model integration. It is for improving the operational efficiencies of organizations. It addresses practises that cover the product’s life cycle from beginning through delivery and maintenance.

FAIR: it refers to Factor analysis of Information Risk. It is risk management frameworks help organizations analyze, understand, and measure information risk.

Strategic IT governance: it is a formal framework that provides a structure for aligning IT strategy with business strategy.

IT governance diagram PowerPoint template contains editable elements and graphical representation. But being a professional presentation template the alterations may ruin the conceptual framework. So, if you want to modify the graphical elements, just only make changes in the colour combination, and should avoid any structural changes.