• smart goal ppt template
  • smart goals powerpoint template
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  • smart goal template ppt
  • smart goals powerpoint
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  • smart goals powerpoint template and keynote

Smart Goals PowerPoint Template

Smart goals PowerPoint template presentation is flexible PowerPoint design that can be used to show goal setting pattern for individual and personal development. The timeline presentation model template is suitable to show business timeline development and process presentation. As the name indicates, the template is perfect for human resource training model. The PowerPoint template shows the concepts of goal setting through the topic placed in the template. For individual and personal growth goal setting has tremendous influence. Without a goal no one can go forward. Goals are the driving force of the life. That is why goal setting become the major topic of psychology and career development. Goal is the motivational factor, which drive to the destination. Goals are needs of the people. Goal setting theories refers to the effects of setting goals on subsequent performance. Individuals who set specific difficult goals are not a worthy decision because too much difficult goal is hard to perform and fulfill. If an individual setting career goals, try to set achievable goals neither difficult nor simple. Don’t set too much difficult goals and too easy goals.

Smart goals PowerPoint template presentation is ideal to explain goal setting theory through PowerPoint presentation. goals give direction to an employee about what needs to be done and how such efforts are required to be put in. goal attainment is the main source of job motivation. If an employer gives too much difficult and unattainable goal to the employee, that employee may become unsatisfied. The lack of motivational factors leads to restlessness and pugnacity. So, goal setting and goal-orientations should be attainable and achievable.

Smart goal setting PowerPoint template shows different concepts of smart goals. These concepts are, short-term, achievable, measureable, realistic and time bound. Each topic is related to the theory of goal setting. Goals should be realistic and challenging. This gives an individual a feeling of pride and triumph when he or she attains them. Also goal should be measureable and time bound. The smart goals PowerPoint template contains five circles; each circle is different in its size, because of prioritization of the concepts. The users can arrange their concepts in prioritized order. And set a ground for a motivating presentation on smart goals.

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