• 3 C's Strategic Triangle Diagram Template

3 C's Strategic Triangle PowerPoint Template

3 C’S strategic triangle diagram for PowerPoint is a marketing template, contains three triangles stacked like a pyramid design. It is a simple presentation slide that conveys 3 C’S of marketing concepts. The three-step ppt template is a stacked PowerPoint, very much ideal for business presentations and academic presentations. However, the pyramid side allows a four-step presentation if you using the empty center or you can add your key topic in the center zone and make an awesome PowerPoint presentation. The three triangles comprise three modern infographic icons that are not customary in the PowerPoint design. So, you can utilize these icons are for an innovative illustration of your business presentation. The triangle shapes also designed with a peculiar manner show gradient effects that involve a 3d appeal. You can access more PowerPoint Templates & PowerPoint themes free here. Grab the free ppt now!

3 C’S marketing PowerPoint template is a flat vector design ideal for presentation three important concepts of business and marketing. The 3 c concept of a marketing plan is an interesting concept for marketing professionals as it explains complete marketing strategy on the basis of 3 variables. The three interdependent variables constitute the entire marketing strategy by a simple ideology. If one variable undergoes changes, the other two will definitely change. The 3 C of marketing strategy is;

  1. Customer
  2. Company
  3. Competitor

The 3 Cs model points out that a marketing expert should focus on three key factors for success. In the construction of a business plan or strategy, these three elements must be taken into account. Only by incorporating these three, a continued competitive benefit can exist. Customers have wants and needs. The company must identify these and offers a basic product. To provide to their desires and also to differentiate from competitors, companies try to offer differentiated products. Likewise, competitors attempt to offer differentiated products to generate profits and growth.

The 3 Cs strategic triangle diagram is an editable PowerPoint template, which has enough text areas for descriptions. If you want for other purposes, it will fit for any business presentation with three elements.