• Bowman’s Strategy Clock PowerPoint

Bowman’s Strategy Clock PowerPoint Template

Bowman strategy clock PowerPoint presentation is a theoretical diagram that shows the popular idea of business positioning strategy. A business needs applicable strategies to stand out better position in market. Bowman strategy clock is a business management theory which focuses on 8 strategies for the improvement of overall business. Bowman’s strategy clock is a theoretical model that explores the options for strategic positioning. That is how a product should be positioned to give it the most competitive position in the market. The purpose of bowman’s strategy clock PowerPoint template is to display that a business will have a variety of options of how to position a product based on two-dimension- price and perceived value.It has competitive advantages related to cost advantages or differentiation.

Bowman strategy clock ppt diagram comprises 8 strategies which are designed as circular clock template with a Cartesian axis. The 8 strategies are:

  1. Differentiation
  2. Focused differentiation
  3. Increased price/standard product
  4. Increased price/low values
  5. Low values/standard price
  6. Low price and low values
  7. Low cost
  8. Hybrid

Each concept of competitive market strategy in the Bowman PowerPoint diagram has been highlighted separately with the 20 slide bowman strategy PowerPoint presentation. So, the presenter can detail eight steps with inch by inch presentation. Each section of the diagram is highlighted by green gradient color effects ensures audience attention at the peak. The color combination and the neat layout will pay the best for the users. Besides, the diagram has plenty of text areas that can be used to provide written statements along with your verbal magic.

The bowman strategy clock PowerPoint diagram is an editable template suitable for Microsoft PowerPoint and Mac keynote presentation. The resolution is made with industry standards such as standard and widescreen aspect ratios. Download theory presentation template in high-definition graphics PowerPoint and amaze your viewers.