• Enneagram Diagram PowerPoint Template

PowerPoint Diagram of Enneagram

The Enneagram diagram PowerPoint template is a cycle diagram of a multi-process presentation template for the personal growth concept. The Enneagram personality test is one of many self-assessment analysis tools used globally. It aids individuals in recognizing their personality type based on nine schemes. These schemes are basic personality types, and the Enneagram diagram shows their link. In this way, the analysis can put personality type into viewpoint and help reinforce all features. This PowerPoint template of an Enneagram diagram displays three main processes, i.e., Feeling, Thinking, and Acting. Each of these processes is considered a basic psychological process. This process shows the other three personality types, which crisscross with different strategies. Because there is no one solution for everyone, Enneagram reflects this in its growth strategies.

The PowerPoint diagram of the Enneagram test process focuses on leadership, stress management, life balance, and goals. It maps identified traits of nine personality types. This diagram describes people's feelings, thoughts, or behavior in certain circumstances. The Enneagram of Personality has been extensively encouraged in business management and spirituality through meetings, seminars, books, periodicals, and DVDs. It is generally used as a typology to gain insights into workplace interpersonal dynamics. Here, the template contains 22 slides that individually show all nine personality types for detailed analysis with black and white PowerPoint backgrounds. The master diagram shows all elements in a single PowerPoint platform that describes the process.

The enneagram diagram PowerPoint template contains an orange, red, violet, and green color scheme with additional gradient effects. These design types of diagrams offer complete custom choices. Such as changing colors of shapes and backgrounds. Furthermore, this diagram is a model tool for business or educational presentations. The presenters can download psychology PowerPoint templates such as Maslow's need hierarchy theory and Herzberg’s hygiene and motivational factors from our gallery.