Seven Habits Stephen Covey Ppt Template

Seven Habits Covey PowerPoint Template is a visual representation of Stephen Covey’s “Seven Habits of the Highly Effective People.” it was one of the best sellers published in 1989. The book focuses on effectiveness as the balance of obtaining desirable results. The 7 Habits is aninfluential framework for personal and professional growth. This book has become a must have in any professional person’sbookstand and has revolutionized the way people comprehends personal behavior and how to approach life. Here, the motivational speakers and management consultants can present the ideal of 7 habits through high-definition PowerPoint graphics, which help the audience to get the concept fully with simple presentation techniques.

7 highly effective habits stephen covey ppt template contains 22 slides. All the slides are organized under 3 groups that are explained in the creative diagrams as a story telling flow. Each PowerPoint objects provides the popular sand clock model of the habits organized in the following arrangements:

IndependenceMoving from a dependent being into an independent being. (Dependence refers you need others to get what you need).

  1. Bepractical – Take the initiative and be responsible of your choices, as they will determine your effectiveness.
  2. Have the End in Mind – Imagine your goals in life and characteristics of your relationships.
  3. Put first things first – prioritizeand regulate yourself.

Interdependent (move from independent individual into an interdependent individual)

  1. Think Win Win – Reciprocally beneficial solutions
  2. Search for first to understand, then to be understood – Emphatic listening to be influenced by aindividual and then be compelled to be mutual.
  3. Synergize – unite strength of people though positive coordination.

Continuous Improvement

  1. Sharpen the Saw – Make sustainable long durable effectiveness.

As per Stephen covey’s seven habits, all the successful people might have been followed these seven proactive practices. The three stages are representing maturity continuum.

Seven effective habits stephen covey ppt template is an editable visual diagram so it will allow customizations without losing the “soul” of the concept. But the important thing is, if you going to present covey’s 7 habits you should completely grasp the idea without avoiding a single element. Download seven habits covey PowerPoint template and make a memorable PowerPoint presentation.

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