Maslow's hierarchy of needs pointing that human actions are motivated by certain psychological and physiological needs that progress from simple to complex. Our template offers a professional pyramid design for presenting Abraham Maslow's evergreen need hierarchy theory through a step-by-step diagram. A business professional can apply this theory as management theory that compiles employee motivational aspects. A pyramid template is the best option for picturing Maslow's hierarchy of needs. So, our designers have put efforts into creating an attractive PowerPoint psychology slide to delineate the underlying facts of Maslow's conceptualizations. This theory is comprised of the five-tier model of human needs. So, business managers can use the approach's applicability in HR management. It also included lower-level deficit needs and higher-level growth needs.

According to Maslow’s theory, humans are looking to fulfill five essential needs in their life span. These needs are physiological (hunger, thirst, sex, etc.), safety, love and belonging, esteem, and self-actualization. In his opinion, average humans are contained around the first three needs. They can’t go to the last two, especially to the need for self-actualization. Deficiency needs are basic needs every human will struggle to get it. This need will motivate people when they are unmet. After fulfilling these needs, people would like to get esteem from others. Self-actualization is the top-most need, but very rare people can get it. It is the state of ecstasy for people where people understand the value of life in its full meaning.

Maslow’s hierarchy of needs PowerPoint template can be used as a management template for business professionals, an education template for teachers, an awareness slide for psychiatric social workers, and a research slide for HR managers. Still, it has relevance in all knowledge spheres because of its applicability in various fields. This is a five-layer pyramid powerpoint for Maslow’s needs hierarchy with a sectoral analysis design. So, it separates growth needs, deficiency needs, basic needs, psychological needs, and self-fulfillment needs—download Maslow’s need hierarchy theory to define employee requirements.