• Horizontal Hierarchy Chart Template for PowerPoint and Keynote

Horizontal Hierarchy Chart Template for PowerPoint and Keynote

Horizontal hierarchy chart for PowerPoint presentation looks like a tree diagram. The chart shows different layers of a hierarchy in a horizontal visual appeal. It is ideal for the presentation of the company's hierarchical structure. The hierarchy chart contains eighteen layers except for the centre hub. The users can show the workflow structure of a company with the key characters. Every organization has a central position that can be named as CEO or chairman in order to the company law or the size of the organization. Users can write the name or the position of the company leader in the centre circle. The org chart tree diagram was shaped with PowerPoint cliparts and the rectangle effect was realized using PowerPoint shape effects. You can access more Organization chart PowerPoint Templates here Grab the free ppt now!

The horizontal hierarchy chart diagram PowerPoint template is perfect for the illustration of the chain of command systems. The organized and systematic commanding chain is one of the specialities of a corporate organization. This formal arrangement is the cause of the uninterrupted flow of the activity chain. The template shows the main source of command and its subsequent sources. Apart from the show of org structure, the PowerPoint is ideal to show the evolutionary development of a clan or a family. It is also a family tree diagram. HR managers and teachers can use the diagram for different perspectives. Teachers can use this diagram to show the evolutionary origin of a nation by different ancestry lineages. Whereas, HR managers can show the chain of command to their newly recruited staff members.

Organizational hierarchy chart PowerPoint is an editable template. The presenters can alter the shapes and size of the diagram along with the changes in effects. The colour combination and the central zone are also modifiable. Horizontal Hierarchy Chart features a horizontally displayed hierarchy chart that extends from the middle to both sides to show two levels of flow. It can also be used as a flow chart. It has four levels of hierarchy and it comes in two color variations. The slide is available in Keynote and PowerPoint templates.