Organizational Chart PowerPoint Template

Organizational chart PowerPoint template and keynotes are diagrams that represent the structure of an organization and the relationships and ranks of its parts, divisions, and roles. It is also used to show the relation of one department to another, or others, or of one function of an organization to another, or others. A company's organizational chart typically illustrates relations between people within an organization. Such relations might include managers to sub-workers, directors to managing directors, chief executive officer to various departments, and so forth. When an organization chart grows too large it can be split into smaller charts for separate departments within the organization. The different types of organization charts include:

  • Hierarchical
  • Matrix
  • Flat (also known as Horizontal)

In this set of organizational chart PowerPoint templates, you can have samples for 2 samples for Hierarchical and 1 for Flat. Hierarchical represent structure where every entity in an organization, is subordinate to another entity. This version is available in four sub and 2 subversions. The flat or horizontal one is usually used to show an organizational structure with few or no levels of middle management between staff and executives. The layout is done in fully editable PowerPoint shapes. Available in PowerPoint and Keynote templates. You can access more Organization chart PowerPoint Templates here.

Organizational chart PowerPoint template is diagrams that represent the structure of an organization, the relationship and hierarchical deployment, strata, and roles. Organizational chart PowerPoint template with departments is a well-designed chart that shows the compositions of different departments of an organization and the concerned team members with profiles and photographs, generally applied in organizations. With the support of this template, users can describe the roles and capabilities of key members of the department and their detailed profiles. Org charts are perfect to show the chain of command. Every organization has its own hierarchy; the users can portray the movement of messages from one department to another. The presenters can edit the structure and color combination using the PowerPoint option menu.