• Organizational Structure Keynote and Powerpoint Template

The main objective of organizational structure is to distribute power and responsibilities as per different jobs, roles, and assignments. The whole process is controlled and coordinated. This facilitates seamless information flow between the different levels of management. In the structural arrangement organization's different objectives are upheld. The organization structure comes in different flavors. In a centralized structure, the top management is the sole decision-maker. Everything in the organization is orchestrated by the whims of the topmost layer of management. He places tight control over departments and divisions. Decision-making is rigid. On the other hand in a decentralized structure, the decision-making is flexible and adaptable. The departments and divisions enjoy relatively higher degrees of freedom and independence in decision-making. For example, a multinational company that sells multiple products has a decentralized organizational structure. As a result, groups are formed as per different products that they represent and also depending on the geographical area that they represent. Org structures are varied as they are deemed effective in carrying out different operations. In a divisional organizational structure, they are discreet business units that carry out specific functions. A geographical organizational structure has a dispersed presence and operates either nationally or internationally. A functional org structure operates on the basis of each person’s job titles. A matrix org structure is ideal for complex and large business operations with different locations and diverse functional areas. Organizational structure is generally flexible allowing room for expansion and growth in sync with the expansion of the organization itself. To address the growth of organizations additional layers of management can be accommodated. The Organizational Structure template is completely editable and is available in both PowerPoint and Keynote templates. The template is available in light and dark shade backgrounds. The template illustrates the typically hierarchical arrangement of authorities.