• Mintzberg Organizational Model PowerPoint Template
  • Mintzberg Organizational Model PowerPoint Templates

Mintzberg Organizational Model PowerPoint Template is an educational slide to showcase five sections of the organization. The Mintzberg framework has figured out the best organizational design that suits their strategy, people, and industry. This standardized diagram of the Mintzberg Organizational Model defines five key organizational structures. The quirky PowerPoint template design is the exclusive layout for Mintzberg’s organizational model presentation. It shows three elements in the central pillar, i.e., the operating core, the middle apex, and the strategic apex. This central pillar has a large bottom, narrow neck, and strong top base. On the oval shape, PowerPoint designs on either side have two more divisions, technostructure and support staff. Different types of organizations emphasize one of these parts.

Mintzberg Organizational Model Template for PowerPoint presentation is a model of the organizational chart with five divisions.

  • Strategic apex: top management is liable for setting strategy and objectives
  • Middle line: middle management ensures communication and building relationships with suppliers and customers
  • Technostructure: experts responsible for innovation, development production, marketing, etc.
  • Support staff: professionals liable for finance, human resource, knowledge, assets, etc
  • Operating core: responsible for production and operation

As a standard format, Mintzberg Organizational Model PowerPoint Slide need not alter its design structure. However, users can conveniently add clipart icons, rearrange text areas, and modify shapes and sizes. The PowerPoint background color also be changed if you need a different look. Download exclusive PowerPoint Templates for business presentations.