• mintzberg managerial roles

Mintzberg managerial roles is a management theory that focuses on the daily roles of a manager in various sectors and positions. The theory PowerPoint template covers all elements of the Mintzberg managerial model in a simple design. In addition, it contains table and column chart ppt layouts for academic purposes. When presenting a theory, whether it is complex or simple, you must frame it in a column or table chart or in step by step format to highlight points across because people can easily understand the nucleus of a theory when it is wrapped in a clear form. So, our designers have inserted Mintzberg's theory in a worksheet column design.

Mintzberg's managerial model conceptualizes 10 different roles of a successful manager. These ten roles are categorized into three pillars i.e. Interpersonal roles, Informal roles, and Decisional roles.

Interpersonal roles include:

  • Figurehead roles: in this role a manager creates public relations on behalf of the organization. He/she is engaging in social activities and events.
  • Leadership: manager in a leader’s role will support, guide, and motivate subordinates.
  • Liaison: manager builds rapport with stakeholders.

Information roles Include:

  • Monitor: a manager should collect information from inside and outside the workplace. On the base on this information, they address issues in due time.
  • Disseminator: managers should convey the proper information to their staff members.
  • Spokesperson: the manager has a role of a brand ambassador to convey information outside the workplace.

Decisional roles include:

  • Entrepreneur: a manager should lead the company by implementing innovative ideas and encouraging creativity.
  • Disturbance Handler: managers should try to avoid disruptions.
  • Negotiator: a manager should be a negotiator within the department and organization.

Mintzberg's managerial roles PowerPoint template would be best for an educational PowerPoint presentation to learn managers' roles and responsibilities. The eye-catching visual graphic allows you to put icons on the table pattern to create a metaphoric expression. Besides, you can use it for business presentations irrespective of the default theme. Goleman Leadership Styles Template will also be a great addition to your presentation about leadership.