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  • Belbin's Team Roles Model Template

How does a team can improve its performance? Belbin's Team Roles Model PowerPoint Template is a visual tool that helps teach different concepts of Belbin's team roles concept. Meredith Belbin developed this management concept in 1981. The team roles were designed to define and forecast the potential success of management teams by identifying that the strongest teams have a diversity of characters and personality types. The notion has been criticized due to its potential simplification and categorization of individuals. However, when used intelligently to increase awareness about the team's work and identify the team's strengths and weaknesses, it can be exceptionally useful.

Meredith Belbin and his team discovered nine groups of behaviour - these were called 'Belbin Team Roles.' Each team needs access to the nine Belbin Team Role behaviours to become a high-performing team. However, this doesn't mean that every team needs nine people! People may have a potential of 2 or 3 team roles. Each Belbin Team Role has strengths and weaknesses, and each Team Role has the same importance. The circle PowerPoint template depicts the nine roles that will help the business to achieve success. These nine roles have come under three different categories;

  • Category 1 action-oriented roles: shaper, implementer, and completer finisher
  • Category 2 people-oriented roles: coordinator, team worker, and resource investigator
  • Category 3 cerebral roles: plant, monitor evaluator, and specialist

These are the team roles; as per Belbin's team roles model, each part would have its strengths and allowable weaknesses.

BELBIN'S TEAM ROLES MODEL POWERPOINT TEMPLATE is a perfect tutorial PowerPoint tool that allows the user to transfer the whereabouts of team roles for management students and other organizational leaders. The editable circular diagram for PowerPoint business presentations could be used for a variety of presentations especially showing the business cycles and their developments.