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Corporate PowerPoint presentation needs different theory templates to coach their employees. The Goleman leadership style is a must-learn topic that who needs to occupy the pole position of the company. So, our researchers want to make a psychology PowerPoint related to leadership. This is a professionally designed circle ppt template and timeline presentation introducing Goleman's leadership styles. The template has six sections to insert six leadership traits propounded by the eminent psychologist Daniel Goleman. This is the best coaching framework for managers, politicians, scientists, and those seeking to lead a team. Apart from professional managers, company CEOs and mentors can use these leadership styles that match their character and attitude to show the entire organization as one unit.

The Goleman leadership styles presentation template contains six leadership styles. You can see leadership traits below:

Commanding leadership style – as the name suggests, it includes a dictator trait to give and complete assignments by providing commands to the employees.

Visionary leadership style – it inspires the team or followers to function toward the leader's vision and set plans to achieve

Democratic leadership style – participatory action model leadership by gathering opinions and visions of others.

Coaching leadership style – coaching leaders try to find out the strengths and weaknesses of employees and motivate them to improve their capacities and skills.

Affiliative leadership style – in this style, leaders try to collaborate with team members and attempt to solve conflicts within the organization.

Pacesetting leadership style – leaders expect a self-direction performance from the team members and anticipate high-quality work.

Goleman’s leadership style presentation template for PowerPoint presentation contains four slides in two variant designs. The circle ppt design and the linear presentation template are created with excellent PowerPoint infographic metaphors to symbolize the six leadership styles of Goleman. Each template is fit for presenting any topic with up to 6 elements. In addition, the color, size, and ppt icons are replaceable, and you can add suitable icons for presentations other than this topic. So, the template is perfect for corporate managers and educators. Also try out our leadership success profile diagram.