• McGregor’s Theory X and Theory Y PowerPoint template
  • McGregor’s Theory X and Theory Y PowerPoint Template
  • McGregor’s Theory X and Theory Y infographic Template
  • McGregor’s Theory X and Theory Y Template

You can use McGregor’s Theory X and Theory Y PowerPoint Template to show how theories X and Y explain employee characteristics related to motivation and job. The two approaches describe managerial attitudes and supervisory practices of individuals with assumptions. The assumption of theory X is negative, while theory Y shows the positive sides of motivations. You can show trait theory using this PowerPoint template with comparison. Theory templates are best for academic practices. Our McGregor’s Theory X and Theory Y PowerPoint Template will offer a complete picture, so teachers, psychologists, motivational speakers, and HR managers can use the template with edit options.

Assumptions of theory X:

  • Employees don’t like to do works, whenever possible, they would like to avoid it.
  • As a result of their dislike, management often make control, and coerce over them with punishments.
  • Employees don’t ready to take responsibilities and always seek directions from the managers.
  • Employees often look for security above all.

Companies who are going with assumptions of theory X tend to control and closely supervise their employees.

Assumptions of theory Y:

  • Employees have a view that work is essential as play and rest
  • They are self-driven to company objectives and will exercise self-control.
  • They are ready to take responsibilities as a part of organizational goal
  • Ready to take innovative decisions

Managers going with assumptions of theory Y tend to loosen their control over employees.

Thus, theory Y has a positive note for employee motivation than theory X

The theory X and theory Y PowerPoint template contain seven slides for the human resource structuring of a company. Theory Y will work as motivation factors. McGregor’s theory resembles Maslow’s need hierarchy theory and Herzberg’s Hygiene and Motivational theory. The workplace diversity presentation slide has many shapes and structures, including ppt chart, comparison diagram, pyramid PowerPoint shape, and a poster ppt template. You can download a variety of psychology theory presentation templates from our arcade.