• Bandura's Self-Efficacy Theory ppt slide

Bandura’s self efficacy theory suggests when an individual feels that outcomes are happening because of their actions, several things happen. In other words, if your action can influence an outcome, you think you are a special person. Those individuals feel proud of themselves; they have a great sense of power, believe they can control the world and are always motivated. Self-efficacy is the ability to do things better than other people with different actions, thinking, and feeling. A person with self-efficacy feels that they can influence or change anything with their feelings and actions. So, these people believe that anything can be under their control with their self-efficacy.

The motivation powerpoint Bandura’s self-efficacy is an education template to show how the theory works well within learning and work situations. It correlates with self-efficacy and behavior & performance. For example, someone with self-efficacy will believe they can achieve anything through hard work. If Someone lacks self-efficacy always think they can’t change the situation even through hard work. So, if you believe your actions can influence change in a situation, you will be rewarded. Accomplishments and successful performance will add feelings of self-efficacy, while failures will harm them. Badura’s self-efficacy theory of motivation is constructed on four factors, i.e., Experience, Vicarious experience, Social persuasion, and Physiological feedback. These four factors will raise self-efficacy, and whereby behavior and performance.

A person with low self-efficacy may feel setbacks as failures, be uncertain in their abilities, and not always be ready to face challenging situations. Whereas a person with high efficacy views setbacks as learning opportunities and is prepared to face any challenges, having an idea of challenges brings experiences. This Bandura’s self-efficacy theory template for powerpoint presentation is a semi-tree diagram that shows the ideal through a well-organized picturization. The simple template in black and white powerpoint backgrounds has six rectangle designs to display Bandura’s theory in an easy-understanding format. Download different types of motivation theory PowerPoint templates now!