• Mayo's Motivation Theory

Mayo's motivation theory has greatly contributed to business management psychology regarding employee productivity. According to Elton Mayo, employee relationships and cohesion boost productivity. He says job satisfaction among workers could not only be achieved with short-term incentives. It could achieve only through employee participation in discussion. For example, if a manager can make a good relationship with employees, they will likely respond by giving hard work and effort. Hence, this theory proclaims that relational factors motivate employees more than monetary rewards. This theory is based on observing employee productivity levels under different conditions. It comprises several group norms and group cohesiveness that affect the team's effectiveness. Mayo’s motivation theory presentation template has ideally picturized Mayo’s motivation concepts with this quadrant matrix powerpoint.

Mayo’s motivation, he concluded some important points that enable management to acquire a smooth work atmosphere with team dynamics. First, he says a group with low cohesiveness and low norms might be futile with no impact since no members are motivated. Similarly, a group with high cohesiveness and low norms would likely produce negative impacts since team members float with negative behavior if a group with low cohesiveness and high norms is likely to behave positively regarding individual actions. Lastly, if a company has employees with high cohesiveness and high standards will have the greatest positive impact. This theory shows if a group has the utmost acceptance likely to perform well.

Mayo’s motivation theory template for the powerpoint presentation is a quadrant ppt design with square shapes and X and Y axis. It shows four parameters of Mayo’s motivation theory, i.e., some positive impact, high positive impact, No impact, and negative impact. Besides, the X axis shows group cohesiveness, and the Y axis displays Norms. The template is colored attractively with blue, pink, orange, and yellow tints. The presenters can change the background combinations, size, font, and overall look using the PowerPoint menu. Download motivation slides now!