• Herzberg's Two Factor Theory

Herzberg's two-factor theory or motivation-hygiene theory says two factors immensely influence an employee's job satisfaction or dissatisfaction. If you are a management professional or a psychology expert can add this Herzberg's powerpoint of motivation to your instructional design collection. Employees not only need money (hygiene factor) to stay in the workplace, but also, they need satisfiers (motivators) to show loyalty towards that organization. So, he made a list of satisfiers and dissatisfiers that cause either job satisfaction or dissatisfaction. In the absence of proper hygiene factors, there would be resentment. He further says motivators encourage self-growth and self-actualization. Following is the core list of Motivators and Hygiene factors outlined by Herzberg's two factor theory.

Satisfiers (Motivators)

· Recognition

· Performance and achievement

· Job-status

· Responsibility

· Personal growth

· Opportunities for advancement

· Work satisfaction


Dissatisfiers (Hygiene Factors)

· Salary

· The physical workspace

· Working conditions

· Relationship with coworkers

· Relationship with supervisors

· Policies and rules

· Qualify middle managers

Frederic Herzberg is an American psychologist who introduced this theory in 1959. He was influenced by Maslow's hierarchy of needs theory; however, he rewrites satisfaction and dissatisfaction could be scaled by the same continuum. For example, employees can only be ready to work for a company if they satisfy their requirements. In the need hierarchy theory, Maslov says if deficiency needs are unmet, people will be motivated to get it. But Herzberg has refuted this doctrine. Besides, in Herzberg's hygiene and motivator theory, intrinsic factors caused motivation (recognition, personal growth), while extrinsic factors (salary, physical workspace) caused dissatisfaction.

Herzberg’s theory of motivation shows upward and downward arrow ppt shapes to signify poor hygiene factors and motivating factors. Our designers intelligently choose the red color arrow for dissatisfiers and the blue color arrow for motivating factors. The flat vector images come in black and white powerpoint backgrounds. The presenters can make changes in color themes, size, and fonts. Download psychology and management powerpoint templates now!