• Incentive Theory of Motivation

The incentive theory of motivation unveils what forces are behind your actions. Why do you engage to finish an action? According to the incentive theory of motivation, people’s behavior is driven by a desire for external rewards or reinforcements. Behind every action, a positive motivational factor should bring satisfactory elements for an actor. So, people are often inspired by incentives, so they act to get them. Our designers have done an excellent cartoon PowerPoint template to explain the incentive theory of motivation before your viewers. This self-explanatory powerpoint design would say its meaning without losing the concepts. Business management consultants, psychology teachers, business professionals, and HR managers can use this incentive theory of motivation slide to explain the major forces behind employees’ positive actions.

The theory is less focused on intrinsic forces behind motivation. This theory says that people are attracted by positive rewards, whereas they are pushed away from actions that bring negative consequences. However, two people may act differently in the same situation based on the type of incentives. For example, you are working on getting a promotion, studying for higher ranks, sporting to get recognition, or writing to get respect. All are certain kinds of incentives that acts to gain something. Therefore, incentive theory gives less importance to internal drives or drive reduction theory of motivation.

The incentive theory of motivation powerpoint template is an instructional slide that helps show motivational factors to boost productivity. In business terms, organizations should give utmost interest to retaining skilled employees to get desired results. To do that, rewards and incentives are the best ways. In education terms, incentives can be used to repeat certain positive behaviors of students. Powerpoint motivation slides teach you the influence of psychological, social, and cognitive factors on human productivity. So, explore slidebazaar category motivations templates for PowerPoint & Keynotes to display different business psychology concepts.