• McGregor's Theory X And Theory ppt slide

This PowerPoint Template can be used to explain the McGregor’s theory X and theory Y which focus on two aspects of workplace employee behavior. It can help scale employee behavior in terms of traits. The presenters can use the motivation ppt template to display how McGregor’s X and Y theory explain employee behavior related to productivity. And it insists on how company management approaches employees to get maximum productivity and adaptation to the organization. What control measures should apply to the employees, and what type of motivation should be injected into the working conditions?

Whether your manager’s motivation concept triggers employee satisfaction, McGregor’s X and Y theories have an applied element in the workplace. Here, theory X is the pessimistic theory that focuses on supervision, while theory Y highlights the optimistic view of a manager or a supervisor to develop employee enthusiasm in the workplace. Both approaches show the different perspectives of managers and supervisors dealing with employees.

Assumptions of Theory X

· Employees are not very fond of working, so they would like to avoid tasks whenever possible.

· Management often makes controls or coerces them since they have shown reluctance.

· They don’t ready to take responsibility or be proactive, so they seek instructions from the managers.

· Employees emphasize job security rather than task completion.

Assumptions of Theory Y

· Employees are motivated by intrinsic elements

· Work is essential as play and rest

· Work breakdown is the best way to motivate employees

· Ready to raise their own opinions and make innovative decisions

This slide on McGregor’s theory of X and theory Y concludes that if managers exert control and coercion over their employees, it causes develop pessimism in the workplace. If managers loosen their control over employees, they will be motivated and do things without showing reluctance. This template offers a comparison PowerPoint design in a flat vector layout. Download alternative motivation slides now!