• Locke's Goal-Setting Theory powerpoint template

Locke’s goal-setting theory is one of the dominant paraphrases of work motivation. This theory states that all behavior is motivated when they get appropriate tasks. Further, he says motivation is a goal-directed process. If someone has certain goals to meet, they will be motivated to achieve them. So, the level of motivation is influenced by the kind of goals. Goal setting and the performance to attain it depends on internal and external factors related to goal identification and achievement, and the process comes in between. Lock’s goal-setting theory emphasizes a person who identifies their goal will also determine the skills and knowledge required to achieve it. Use the timeline template to visualize Lock’s goal-setting theory.

Lock’s goal-setting theory advocates five necessary conditions for goal accomplishment, i.e., Clarity, Challenge, Commitment, Feedback, and Task complexity.

Clarity – clarity means setting clear goals. You can easily identify what you have to achieve if your goals are clear. A clear goal will be observable and measurable so you can apply SMART tools to achieve it.

Setting challenging goals – if individuals confront challenging goals, they will be highly committed to achieving them. However, too many difficult goals can’t be reached.

Commitment - if an employee thinks, “I can do this,” and is involved in the goal-setting process, he/she would be more dedicated to goal attainment.

Feedback – if you continuously watch the progress toward the goal, you can perform high. Specific feedback enables knowing the changes you need to apply to achieve your goal.

Task complexity – be careful to ensure work doesn't become too confusing when goals or tasks are highly complex.

Lock’s goal-setting theory template for powerpoint presentations is a horizontal design with creative clipart infographics. Each square box shows the five concepts with content placeholders. This is a five-step presentation diagram so users can add to their generic powerpoint collections. Download management and motivation theory ppt templates now!