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IKIGAI PowerPoint Presentation Template

IKIGAI PowerPoint template is complex Venn diagram for presenting self-motivation concepts. In Japanese language ikigai means “reasons for being”. Which refers the purpose of life or having a meaningful direction in life makes one’s life worthwhile. To avoid futility of life one must keep purposeful and self-motivated. So, IKIGAI PowerPoint diagram is a motivation presentation slide which shows the happiness of life with definite aims and objectives. This concept is consisting of four elements that are the source of value in a person’s life. The Chart of Ikigai shows an crossing of these values to express the emotions, effects, results, etc. The PowerPoint template of Ikigai offers an editable diagram layout of colorful circular shapes. The template presents Ikigai in the middle i.e. core of self-motivation. While 4 motivating elements include Passion, Mission, Vocation, and Profession are the outcome of intersections.

IKIGAI PowerPoint diagram shows the intersection of motivational elements that create the life fruitful and eternal. for example, if you have a mission you may work to achieve it. When you working for your desires that will erase your ill-feelings and tension and lead to life satisfaction. This is core concept of ikigai. the diagram has 10 slides for presenting ikigai concepts. While the 2 layout showing an overview of the concept. Whereas, the 8 slides in black and white background is showing each elements individually with the discoloring effects.The flower model pallets in the inner circle shows passion, mission, vocation, and profession as ikigai themes. The hand drawing dotted lines displaying the mental state of individual that comes out from the four central elements.

The Venn diagram for IKIGAI PowerPoint presentation do not permitting structural changes because this is the standard diagram which includes all elements in the interseting loop. However, the presenters can alter color combination and size of the diagram according to their requirements. This motivation PowerPoint template has Overlaseveral uses. For example, mind mapping or brainstorming topics can incorporate with the diagram design.