• BHAG Goal Setting PowerPoint Template
  • BHAG Goal Setting PowerPoint Templates

BHAG Goalsetting PowerPoint Template is a motivational concept presentation tool that is impactful in determining the company vision for long-term goal setting. This is an editable goal-setting presentation slide for businesses that looks at big goals for the next decades.

BHAG goalsetting PowerPoint Template will energize and excite management and employees when talking about long-term goal-setting efforts. It pulls a team together, adds more desire and capabilities, and pushes it to attain something that might haven’t come, even their wild dreams. For example, SpaceX’s goals are to facilitate human discovery and settlement on Mars. A big hairy audacious goal (BHAG) is useful in achieving a long-term plan everyone in an organization can understand and strive to achieve.

The BHAG goalsetting template for PowerPoint presentation contains two slides of similar designs in black and white backgrounds. This is a Venn diagram design with a hairy Maclary toy that resembles an audacious being. Each circle in the diagram is colored in blue, green, and yellow tints. The goal-setting template has a text box on the right side that allows users to create explanations. Besides, the three circles with a tringle and audacious toy enable placing your texts on the surface. So, you can add motivational concepts on the Venn diagram template featuring BHAG goal setting. You can make necessary changes to the graphical features to fit this template according to the topic. Download and create high impactful presentation now!