Skinner’s reinforcement theory deals with controlling the consequences of behavior. Skinner is one of the major contributors to learning theories related to cognitive and behavioral psychology. These annotations are based on the concept of operant conditioning. He says organisms learn some behaviors based on awards or punishment. If you reinforce positive behavior by giving rewards, there is much more likely to repeat that behavior. If you give punishment for a particular behavior, the chances of repetition could be low. That means reinforced behavior is more likely to repeat actions positively. At the same time, when punishment is given more likely to disappear of a negative behavior. The connection between behavior and consequence is known as operant behavior. In the workplace, when an employee gains positive rewards from the management, there is more likely to be more productive. On the contrary, if the same employee is punished because of illicit activities, there is a chance to control or disappear that behavior.

Skinner’s reinforcement theory template is a quadrant matrix powerpoint showing the driving force of behavior on the top two boxes, i.e., positive reinforcement and negative reinforcement. The bottom boxes display the restraining forces, i.e., punishment and extinction. Each box has been colored green and red to symbolize positive and negative behaviors. Skinner’s theory assumes you can change someone’s behavior by using rewards and punishments. But reinforcement plays an important role in the continuum. Further, he says, we should try reinforcing responses rather than stimuli. This is the main refute he brings forth towards Ivan Pavlov’s classical conditioning that emphasizes the importance of strengthening stimulus. In skinner’s theory, extinction means diminishing the likelihood of undesirable behavior by removing the reinforcement for it.

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