• head heart hands

The leadership model PowerPoint Head Heart Hands is a psychology template modelled as a timeline presentation. It is the latest concept of human communication. So, the three vital organs represent three steps that make your life successful. Heart refers to your inner emotion and the ability to make effective rapports with your surroundings. It indicates an empathetic relationship with your listeners. The Head is intelligent, so it refers to when you are giving supportive evidence of your statements. The listener could be more impressed when you are starting with supporting proofs. It denotes proof points you deliver. The hand is the practical part. It is the symbol of execution or performance. If the listener accepts your ideas, they might be entered to take action.

Apart from a leadership presentation, Head Heart Hands is a visual illustration of the business development process. This is a management ppt focusing on the conceptual development model of change. It insists businesses need logical analysis to achieve goals and success (Head). At the same time, without mutual agreement between management and employees, the change could not occur. So, there should be a positive rapport with the management and staff members (Heart). When a business needs easier implementation of change, there should be collective performance (Hands). So, the Head Heart Hands communication idea is spreading to all fields of human activity.

The Head, Heart, and Hand template has eight slides. The change model PowerPoint is a mixture of animated and vector ppt images. So, you can make a symbolic presentation and detailed textual presentation together. The first slide illustrates the animated PowerPoint images of the head, and heart in a timeline sequence, the rest of the pictures are data table templates with elaborate text areas. The users can pick the desired design from these templates and personalize Head Heart Hands template.