• 70 20 10 approach to learning

70 20 10 Approach to Learning Template

How and where did successful employees get knowledge for performing their functions? Expert trainers say that successful employees can get their knowledge through the 70 20 10 learning model. The 70 20 10 approach to learning template is a training model PowerPoint template is created for instructional uses. It will help describe an academic model of how people learn to do their work. This is a generally used model for training and instructive concepts. The 70-20-10 rule suggests on-job experience accounts for 70% of individuals learning. Whereas 20% of learning comes from the office setups i.e. from the co-workers and a further 10% comes from outside sources such as formal training and reading. This means employees get their work knowledge through on-the-job experience, informal learning, and formal learning. Therefore, organizations use this model to improve skill expansion strategies. The management professionals use the 70-20-10 rule to shape corporate learning and staff development opportunities. You can access more keynote slides here. Grab the free ppt now!

70-20-10 learning model PowerPoint template is an excellent visual representation created for presenting corporate training models and how people acquired work knowledge through different learning mechanisms. the 70 20 10 learning model emphasizes that experience is the key area of getting skills and work knowledge, then 20 percent comes from casual settings or the natural social environments, and the 10% comes from formal learning or academic bookish knowledge.

The 70 20 10 learning PowerPoint template contains 10 graphical aids to display learning concepts. the template includes 6 variants to attract your audience. These 6 variant diagrams are:

  1. Rectangle arrow diagram consists of 70 20 10 sections with the sub-headings of on-the-job experience, informal learning, and formal learning.
  2. Circle PowerPoint design beginning from small to large circle in ascending order
  3. Triangle ppt template or inverse pyramid diagram contains text zones on both sides.
  4. Set-square image template with x-axis and y-axis
  5. Circle timeline template in a horizontal sequence
  6. Bar chart showing slope as an area chart presentation.

The 70-20-10 Approach to Learning PowerPoint Template offers high-definition graphics and contours. The users can easily modify these visuals such as colors, size, text, and backgrounds from PowerPoint configuring options.