• 4MAT Learning System PowerPoint

4MAT Learning Model PowerPoint Template

4MAT learning system is a training tool for educators to provide developmental learning activities through different concepts of learning and knowledge comprehension. The 4MAT learning system PowerPoint template is a visual representation of different learning concepts valuable for teachers and educators to deliver the modern concepts of effective learning. 4MAT is a model for creating more vigorous and engaging learning. It is a framework for learning that helps educators delivers information in more dynamic and engaging way. While traditional instruction may focus primarily on facts and Information (What?) the 4MAT model encourages a broader array of questions to stimulate much higher levels of student understanding and involvement.

The circle PowerPoint of 4MAT learning system shows the four concepts of dynamic learning which includes the systematic learning through ADAPTION, MEANING, CONCEPT AND SKILLS. These four concepts is the core of learning, however it can be achieved through four significant question of skepticism. What, why, how, and if. The traditional is learning focusing “what of the concept”. But in toady learning, we are focusing more relevant answers i.e. how you get the answer of a problem instead of telling” what of a concept”. “Why and if “are skeptic formats which provides more deepen answers about a problem.

The learning integration model of 4MAT learning system PowerPoint template is a sequential diagram comes in circle and square shape quadrant. all the circle and square ppt templates are matching for any kind PowerPoint presentation irrespective of learning process. You can share cyclic process of business development, or historical business cycle using the circular design diagram. The square quadrant template is a perfect infographic for projecting value-based concepts and business concepts as well. Use 4MAT learning model PowerPoint and inspire your audience by giving the comprehensive picture of learning process. You can edit ppt design using PowerPoint customization options.