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SWOT PowerPoint Template

Create an appealing market analysis presentation with the help of a SWOT PowerPoint template. The PowerPoint design contains two slides, representing concepts with the aid of an infographic. The slide features a modern take on business planning and marketing methodology i.e. SWOT analysis. Through the analysis of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats you can identify the hidden issues related to your business and company. SWOT analysis is a framework of strategic planning. It is widely used by organizations at some point in time to improve and manage a company’s processes because it is a simple visual illustration of internal and external competencies and other factors. SWOT analysis is a common analysis platform that is widely used in corporate and other SMEs. Hence, differently created SWOT ppt templates are required for different presentation pitches. Slide bazaar has a variety of SWOT templates with distinct appeal and feel. All templates are modern PowerPoint slides useful for your corporate presentation. You can access more SWOT Templates & PowerPoint templates here. Grab the free ppt now!

PowerPoint for SWOT analysis is a simple “cross design” that perfectly conveys your messages without having a niche of confusion. Apart from business and marketing analysis, the concept has much other relevance, it will useful for individual analysis to identify, how well a career is suitable for a particular person. It is also used by nonprofit organizations, and it can be used to assess initiatives, products, or projects. SWOT analysis is often used for a strategic planning exercise. Each of the elements plays a vital role in the success and failure of a company. A company couldn’t move forward without making a structural study on these matters. It is a powerful tool for decision-making and problem-solving. This SWOT analysis template is a “cross” divided into four segments. Each segment shows its own analysis results that are arranged as textual descriptions.

Creating a SWOT analysis is a proper way to evaluate your company or project. By this, you can define your strength, weakness, opportunities, and threats. It can be applied to an entire company or organization, or individual projects within a single department. In this concept, the two elements i.e. strength and weakness are internal factors; however, both have a different function to do, strength will support business success, while weakness will be detrimental for your company or business. Whereas, the other two elements i.e. opportunities and threats are external factors, which also deliver positive and negative impacts respectively. These four elements are common to all SWOT analysis. Usually, strengths and weaknesses are considered internal factors, in that they are the result of organizational decisions under the control of your company or team. External factors are outside of the company, which may come as an opportunity or as a threat. For example, when a new competitor enters your market position it is called a threat, but the new competitor is selling poor quality products it will turn into an opportunity.

The PowerPoint template of SWOT analysis is an editable infographic template, can be modified with few clicks. Slide bazaar presents various templates of SWOT analysis and matrix. This PowerPoint diagram will help the professionals working in the corporate environment as a part of the comprehensive breakdown process. The presenters can change the appeal in order to change the color combination and the font sizes.