• fishbone diagram PowerPoint template
  • fishbone diagram ppt template

Fishbone Diagram PPT Template

Researchers can use the infographic fishbone diagram PowerPoint template for presenting the logical connections of their findings. This fishbone ppt template is a visual design for presenting root cause analysis of a problem. The diagram is suitable for academic research institutes and business research establishments to find out the logical connections of a phenomenon. Fishbone diagram or Ishikawa diagram is useful for ROOT CAUSE analysis of an event or a phenomenon, which will explain the causal relationship between two or more variables.

This fishbone diagram presentation template is designed like a fish with head, bones and spine. Each bone symbolically tells the causes and categorized in alphabetical order. The head of the fish indicates the effect of these various causes both is interrelated and interdependent. This fishbone diagram PowerPoint template can be useful to classify many dissimilar causes behind of an effect. If we are find out the cause and effect relationship of any issue or problem that will become a theory. This is the in-depth knowledge of activity and makes a perfect understanding of the factors that triggered an effect. The fishbone diagram is not as simple to present summarized concepts. So this research PowerPoint created for the professionals who are technically sounded and scientific speakers. The presenter should have better knowledge about what he speaks. The user can describe different causes and their possibilities to create an effect. The Fishbone diagram structure contains four major elements: the effect, the spine, the branches and ultimately the causes.

The fishbone diagram for research-oriented presentation enables the audience understands without a pinch of confusion. The speakers can easily draw the picture of their inferences and make their visions clear with the help of fishbone diagram ppt templates. The cause and effect analysis process in business and marketing comprises so many steps including;

  • Definition of the problem.
  • Categorize the different causes that make the effect.
  • Analysis every aspect of organizational needs, strategies, operation, production, marketing etc.
  • Hypothetical formulations related with selected causes.
  • Data grouping, analysis, generalization and conclusion.

The major advantage of this fishbone diagram presentation template is to present the logical conclusions to the audience with concrete proofs and data’s. Excite your audience with a variety of visually appealing fishbone PowerPoint templates.

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