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The supply positioning model matrix for PowerPoint presentation is a graphical representation of the business sales concept of suppliers. The supply positioning model states to segment the spending portfolio by risk and opportunity. With the help of this sales matrix, businesses rank their supplies based on the money spent with the supplier and the level of susceptibility a business has if that supplier fails. This model helps in ordering the efforts and developing the supply strategy of the company. The lively template design gives a modern view to the model for maximum audience engagement. However, the supply positioning concept assists businesses in developing and implementing the right strategies. Also, it is how enterprises rank their sources of supplies using several elements to determine their performance. It also appraises the level of susceptibility and damage if a supplier fails.

Supply positioning matrix PowerPoint template contains ten ppt slides for business presentation. Each quadrant shapes highlight the 4 concepts of the supply positioning model, which include, Bottleneck, Critical, Leverage, and Routine. The x-axis shows the expenditure, and the Y-axis shows the risks and opportunities.

  • Bottleneck: It comprises the items that may halt the smooth running of processes. For instance, disputes among managers and employees may cause breakdowns in all production operations.
  • Critical: The items which are not available or delivered on time. This affects the lucrativeness in operations and also changes the spending value.
  • Routine: This covers the items least critical to the business.
  • Leverage: Although the items are least critical in power as well, however, the expenditure value is high.

Business presentation of supply positioning model matrix ppt template is an editable ppt slide designed with colorful graphics and customary layout. So, the users can project different business theories on the same designs. For example, if you want to present Ansoff model matrix, you can do the same with minimal changes.