Four Bubble PowerPoint Template and Keynote

Four bubble powerpoint template and Keynote slide have four circles which can be connected with icons on it. The template is designed in both powerpoint and keynote version in 16:9(widescreen) and 4:3(Normal) Version.

Four bubble powerpoint template and keynote template contains simple clipart icons and colorful PowerPoint graphic design. It is 4 stage diagram of interrelated parts or sections. The presentation is a sequential arrangement of process and activities of various concepts like business model, project planning, project development and other operational activities. The design of PowerPoint is minimal and straightforward and the segments show rotation in a cyclic mode. Each section is colored distinctively and has infographic icons for illustration of represent the stages. These include, book, leaf, tools and thunder cloud.

This four infographic bubble PowerPoint template and keynote template can be used to show four strategies of a business model that has interconnection and interrelationship. Organizational growth process has relationship with variables, these relationship can be stated with this looping segmented template. The green, red, yellow and blue colors of stage segment enhance the overall diagram look, and the relationship is showed not only through connected paths but also with the intersection of outer colors. User can see the connected wires creating the outer circle layer of subsequent circle, this style emphasis the interrelationship of preceding and subsequent stages. Every process is not an isolated one, unless the study of interconnection, research exploration will be absurd. Therefore business managers or academic professionals should attempt to study the relationship between variables. For example, relationship between the high price of a product and its sales volume. This template is ideal to show the interconnections of the processes.

Bubble infographic design and the colorful combination ensure the participation of audience in the presentation subject. The infographic icons may help the presenter to create innovative ideas and concepts. However, the editable template lets users change colors. Therefore, they can change the shape, infographic icons or background colors with few simple clicks. The text zones given in the slides assist users to add descriptions and note about their idea and concept. The font style and size is also customizable. This infographic bubble powerpoint template is design to focus on specific model and elaborate its multiple aspects. Users can download four section diagrams an equivalent presentation.