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  • Leaf Template for PowerPoint and Keynote

Leaf PowerPoint Template

Infographic leaf PowerPoint template is a creative design for academic and business presentation. Use this leaf template for a minimalist presentation focusing on three and four stages of development. The PowerPoint templates are aimed for reports on the environment and related projects. Users can use the template as a substitute of common arrow diagram and circular diagram. It is ideal for process presentation and company profile presentation. The unique design lets any type of information that has relevance in socio-economic development of a country or a region. Business presentation is common in corporate scenario. So the business professionals can use this diagram to display vital concepts of business development along with the stages of business development and planning. Business planning and strategy development is one of the core issues has been facing by business enterprises. Hence, the infographics leaf PowerPoint is perfect to show four concepts related to business strategy and planning.

Infographic leaf template for PowerPoint presentation is a typical example of a visual infographic that can use to convey any concepts without any restrictions. If the presenter wants to discuss emerging environmental issues, they can use the green template as a metaphor for such presentations. The environmental issues as, increasing crop toxicity due to climate change, micro plastic waste in oceans and its effects on human health and the spread of zoonotic diseases. Apart from these, environment is a major concern for companies, especially for large corporations. Their factory effluents make damage the surroundings and natural resources, in light of this, marketing and management professionals have to consider the environment during project planning. So, the leaf PowerPoint template is suitable to show the green project planning measures. A green project is an environmentally sustainable project that ensures the protection of environment and ecosystem.

Theinfographic leaf PowerPoint template is an editable diagram so the users can customize the infographic icons and color combination according to their needs and requirements. It is usable for wide variety of presentation including business agenda and vision and mission presentation.