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Circle Timeline Infographic PowerPoint Template and Keynote Slide

The circle timeline infographic PowerPoint template is crafted with semicircles that are arranged in a zigzag visualization. These circles can be used to show the development of a company or a product in chronological order. Normally, growth is not always in a symmetrical motion, the unevenness of the progression is natural in any organization. Therefore, users can use the uneven semicircles to show the development of the company in a course of the period. The users can use this timeline PowerPoint template to display numerical statistics of the company’s sales and revenues. This template is also ideal for sales and marketing projections.

Circle Timeline Infographic PowerPoint template is perfect for the arrangement of time spell with the percentage share of product performance or productivity. A timeline can be used to precisely illustrate the sequence of events relative to time. The Circle Timeline Infographic template is very appropriate to point out information by mentioning a proper sequence in time or by indicating the exact time. The editable nature is the specialty of PowerPoint templates; this template is also not an exception. The presenters can modify or change the default setup according to their requirements and desires. Change the color or reshape the semicircles can be done, if you know the basics of PowerPoint.

The template offers seven timeline levels or stages with semicircular shapes complimenting the percentage share that escorts each level or stage of the timeline. The semicircle sizes are designed to show the relative size of the percentage associated with the particular level or stage. Displayed in seven complimenting colors the level not only gives a visually pleasing outline for your data but also provides a compact display for loosely constructed information. They are connected by a thin horizontal line to show the steady progress in your product or business lifespan. Circular Timeline Infographic powerpoint template is designed in both Keynote and PowerPoint.