• 6 Steps circle diagram PowerPoint template and Keynote
  • 6 Steps circle diagram template for PowerPoint and keynote

6 Steps Circle Diagram PowerPoint Template

6 steps circle diagram PowerPoint template is professionally created for process flow demonstration. A circular process diagram is a graphical representation of the different steps taken in a procedure. Despite the generic qualities, the diagram is suitable to display specific topics as well. Circular ppt diagrams generally applied in business presentation. For business presentations, steps diagrams are commonly using metaphors and other symbolic representations. The six stage PowerPoint template is a visual aid to produce business process development along with business strategies and plans. However, this PowerPoint template is perfect for academic presentation link with learning techniques and theoretical conceptualizations. Hence, circle PowerPoint diagram can be used to illustrate any circular process development up to six steps. The users can use the PowerPoint icons that could match the presentation subject. The default icons are; magnifier, GPS navigator, tree, paper plane, gear wheel and the hand cart. These icons have their own meaning, while the users can attribute contextual meaning as well. For example, the hand cart symbol generally represents unautomated means of transportation. But in another context, it represents supply chain management and online purchase.

Six steps circle diagram for PowerPoint presentation looks like a gear PowerPoint design, which is in a rotational movement. It is ideal to show the recurring activities and process that are common in business or any development. The users can use the diagram to show business growth concepts or the steps should be taken for business progress and development. It is useful for showing marketing process and its cyclic nature. The strategies and plans and the core issues related to business management and project management can be illustrated using the circular diagram PowerPoint template.

The editable circular PowerPoint template is designed with single color code. However, the users can alter the color combination and the size of the diagram using PowerPoint options. Each step is decorated with PowerPoint clipart’s that may also removable or replaceable. So the fully customizable template will act as per the needs of the presenter. You can download more circle PowerPoint templates from our gallery.

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