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Circle Graph PowerPoint Template

Confused on how to show your business market conditions or want to figure out the business growth? We can do it for you. Instead of using an old traditional style of graphs, showcase your data in Circle graph PowerPoint template. The human mind can grasp the graphs and visuals easily than figures. These Circle Diagrams lets the presenter uniquely visualise the statistics. These templates will surely give an honest and understandable representation of the numerical data of the presentation.

The circle graph PowerPoint template contains Five semi-circles of different sizes and colours. Based on the importance the presenter can showcase each category using the circles. Circle Graph templates can be used for setting up the budget, audience interest analysis, market distribution, company growth etc. Circle Chart Analysis can be perfect for analysing the companies growth over the year. Growth and Decline is the common period through which company goes. No matter what situation the company is facing, it is important to document every aspect of the business to recognise trends. Documentation can help to analyse the declining business situation and sort out the problems with proper solutions. The circle graph with infographic icons makes it simple for the presenter to demonstrate the position of the company and can come up with innovative ideas to solve the problem.

Circle graph PowerPoint template comes with five semi-circles varying in sizes and colours. On the left side is the text areas, where the presenter can add the information to make the template more engaging. The infographic icons can be used to describe each circle. The objects are entirely created using PowerPoint shapes, enabling the presenter to fully customise the appearance such as colours, effects, Icons of the templates. Circle Graph templates can also be used for presentations on countries population distribution, state wise contribution in GDP or by marketing team to indicate the impact of social medias in the sales. It is a great tool to show complex data using stunning designs. These templates are available in both PowerPoint and Keynote versions in aspect ratio 16:9(widescreen) and 4:3 (Normal) version.

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