• Curved Line Graph PowerPoint Template and Keynote

Curved Line Graph PowerPoint Template

Curved line graph PowerPoint template and keynote is an ideal PowerPoint object that may use to show proportional growth of a product or service. It is useful to present a sales report through graphical aids. The template is also useful for stock market analysts to show the technical movement of equity through different sessions of trading. The last three months' market movements can be monitored. The linear and up and down directions of the market can be illustrated by the line graph PowerPoint slide. The price movement and the volume can be highlighted by analyzing statistics. The inconsistencies between supply and demand and other elements of price mechanism are also incorporated with this template.

Curved Line Graph is used to visualize the value of something over time such as finance department can plot the change in cash the company has on hand over time, the profitability of an organization over the years or months, production of a particular product in a period, sale of a product in a period of time, etc. You can even draw the line chart to compare the performance or sale of many products in a defined time.

Most of the line charts have positive numbers, but if you want to display negative numbers, you can easily do that. To make a line graph, you have to plot the data points then connect them by a line in a dot-to-dot fashion. The only difference is line graph has sharp edges at data points, and in a curved line graph, the edges are with a little curve. The curve at data points looks beautiful than a simple line graph.

A line graph is a powerful visual tool for finance, marketing, operation, and other departments of the business. The template can also be used for weather monitoring, laboratory research, share market, or other function involving a correlation between two numerical values. The line graph is also helpful in comparison to different products or situations. You can customize the Curved Line Graph PowerPoint Template and Keynote according to your requirements.