• Line chart analysis PowerPoint template and Keynote

Line Chart Analysis PowerPoint Template

Sometimes in a hectic business schedule, we get so overburdened that creating a presentation can turn into an arduous task. At this time Slidebazzar can be your perfect companion. Our line chart analysis PowerPoint template is an ideal aid to visualize your statistical data. These slides are immensely adaptive; you can easily download them without worrying about the compatibility issue and other technicalities. Line charts are ideally used to show trends over time. The perfect example will be showing the stock of a company developing over a period in the stock market. Each point or value in the graphs is connected using a line. The graphs give a clear picture of the ups and downs in the business on a certain year.

Our line chart analysis PowerPoint template can be a helpful tool for illustrating data over time, comparing sales, profit, customer feedback trends. After statistical analysis, these data can be used for planning business and marketing trends. Our professional designers have precisely maintained the creative and innovative side of the template. The line chart template has two axes, the vertical axis is X-call and the horizontal is called y. In these line-chart analyses, categorical data is distributed on the Y-axis or horizontal lines, and value data is plotted at X-axis or vertical axis. These line chart analysis templates are very handy, starting from a business meeting, annual, quarterly reports, marketing, and sales trends to financial and economic reviews. These line chart PowerPoint templates can be a crucial tool.

Line chart analysis slides are extensively used in strategy lectures or strategy analysis presentations. In our line chart analysis slide, the presenter can make a comparison of four elements at a time. In the bottom portion, the presenter can showcase the total value, the percentage for each proportion. The template is fully data-driven presenter can edit the values using excel and the template automatically recalculates the data. All elements of the templates are crafted using PowerPoint making the template 100% customizable. Create an amusing line chart with our line chart analysis PowerPoint template.

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