• pest analysis

Pest analysis PowerPoint template is created as a flower diagram. Each flower pallet represents external macro analysis techniques such as political, economic, social, and technological. This is the most used analysis technique to assess the depth of a problem through different angles. Every phenomenon can be evaluated by PEST analysis. Business analysts are using pest analysis to understand the future impacts of the business based on political, social, economic, and technological factors. For example, suppose you are going to start a business. In that case, you can analyze your business model's political, social, environmental impact and whether it is economically sustainable, socially acceptable, and politically supportable.

Some parameters of pest analysis are:


The political stability of the country, geopolitical issues between the neighboring countries and impact on the entire world market, level of acceptance of globalization and foreign direct investment, trade regulations, and tariff.


It analyses the government interventions in the market, labor cost, infrastructure, facility, fiscal and monitory policies.


Demographic structure, level of education, social and cultural acceptance of new concepts, attitude towards health and environment.


Current position in the technological world, automation in product design, impact on value and culture, labor agitations against the introduction of technology.

Apart from business analysis, PEST analysis is useful to explore the facts that hinder a country's economic and political growth. A countries growth depends on various macro factors. Through analysis of these macro factors, researchers and administrators can find out the constraints. Each component is scientifically analyzed and finds out the factors which change the environment. PEST analysis PowerPoint template is an editable flower design enriched with text zones that may help to produce an excellent PowerPoint presentation. The user can establish the main important element as per the business model and requirement with the situation. The pest analysis ppt is suitable to present both business and individual levels.