• Pestel Analysis PowerPoint Template

Pestel Analysis PowerPoint Template

PESTEL analysis PowerPoint template and Keynote slide is a professional template that you can use to present PEST or PESTEL analysis using Microsoft PowerPoint or Google slide. PESTEL analysis is a common technique for assessing the actual impacts of a decision from different layers of the society. This connotation is a redefined one, but it will light on the essence of the PESTEL analysis. We can divided our society into six major categories; Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Environmental and Legal. These are the major factors, which affect the growth and development of world. So, PESTEL Analysis is the best way for interpret the actual situation and also the future condition of an item or an activity. Environmental and Legal factors are the most recently added categories because these factors also have a massive influence on the decision making process and the consequence study. For instance, if a new factory construction has been proposed by the local government in a particular place, environmental and legal studies should be done before the implantation. If the place is environmentally vulnerable such proposal should be neglected.

PESTEL analysis PowerPoint template contains useful slide designs that you make presentation on PESTEL analysis. It is powerful tool for marketers and business professionals to analyze and monitor the macro environmental factors that have an impact on an organization. So, business professionals, marketers, administrators, policymakers and educators can download PESTEL ppt slide to show the relevant concepts. The PESTEL analysis slide has three similar templates in two color backgrounds. Choose your subject of presentation and analyze using the pestle PowerPoint template.

Simple slide for PowerPoint presentation allows any six topics for the presentation. If the user doesn’t want to discuss pestle analysis techniques, they can add own topic into the six circle shapes. The diagram has six big circles as well as six mini-circles and placeholders. Manage the creative slide for your presentation requirements with 100 % audience participation.

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