DNA structure powerpoint template and Keynote Slide

The infographics DNA structure PowerPoint template and keynote slide are designed for research-oriented presentation in mind. The template can be used for versatile presentation without focusing on a single field of knowledge. However, the double helix structure may be used for specific presentations associated with genetics and biology. For example, users from the field of genetics and psychology can use this infographic diagram to show the influence of genetics on people’s intelligence. The nature-nurture debate related to intelligence, and the contradictions can be illustrated on the upper and lower bottom of the DNA structure PowerPoint template. Even the sociologists can download this diagram to display, the socially derived dispositions of man, especially intelligence and personality. So, the opposite strands are ideal for showing the two concepts' conflicts. The two strands of DNA run in opposite directions, this image shows the antiparallel movement of a particular process. Therefore, business professionals also use this diagram to illustrate the vital problems emerging from a different process. You can access Business DNA PowerPoint template here. Grab the free ppt now!

The DNA Structure Infographics powerpoint template contains the real structure of the DNA, as you can see in the diagram. This slide can be used for presentations as it is visually very appealing with all the different colours and even the shape adds a bit of newness to the idea you are representing in a business presentation. The DNA Structure Infographics can be used for interconnecting points and ideas like the corporate structure, brand identity (where different concepts and thoughts involved in the brand can be represented under a single structure), business events, marketing plans, advertising etc. When choosing the DNA Structure powerpoint template, you may use those topics which have different areas of focus so all the information will be represented under the same heading and slide. The Slide is designed in both powerpoint and keynote in both the aspect ratios of 4:3 (Normal) and 16:9 (widescreen).

The DNA structure template for PowerPoint presentations may carry any type of knowledge and concepts that have six elements. DNA layout allows customization for PowerPoint presentations. The users can change the colour and PowerPoint icons as per their topic. Users can download more infographic PowerPoint templates and linear process diagrams from our library. Additionally, we have a brilliant collection of free PowerPoint templates that can download as per your requirements.