• 3D Bar Chart PowerPoint Template and Keynote Slide

3D Bar Chart PowerPoint Template and Keynote Slide

3d bar chart PowerPoint template and keynote slide is a creative diagram containing four stages or bars. The 3d bar shapes give a professional look and feel to the template. This bar infographic is functioning in business presentation as the competition’s presentation. Such as market position, sports ranking or progress level of product. For instance, use this slide to describe the market analysis of customer segmentation and category wise usage of a particular product. Unlike other regular column charts, this PowerPoint chart is the visual of the 3-dimensional graph.

The 3d bar diagram for PowerPoint is a vector graphic template of high-resolution shapes. Hence, it is simple to alter the size of images without affecting the picture quality. For example, increase or decrease the bar measurement to show progress value simply by dragging characters in a respective direction. This customizable PowerPoint contains two different backgrounds, one is black and other is white. The 3D bars demonstrate a step design with percentage and text placeholders. These placeholders support in inserting presentation information with heading and caption. This incredible effect helps the audience to focus on diagram more. Although it is a predesigned template, to the replica in other presentation, quickly alter the typescript present. The PowerPoint diagram of 3D process permits users to customize various properties of the template. Such as, content and layout, recoloring the objects, adds elements, moving or resizing etc. the infographic icons may replace or delete accordingly. Use this multi-block slide to improve business presentation in stages.

The 3d bar chart infographics PowerPoint and keynote template is ideal for the presentation of the product description. The six topic areas the elaborate area for the detailed description that is adjacent to the bars generate enough place for the textual themes. Users can download more charts and data PowerPoint for a precise statistical presentation.