• 3d Stair Infographics PowerPoint Template and Keynote
  • 3d Stair Infographics PowerPoint Template and Keynote
  • 3d Stair Infographics

3d Stair Infographics PowerPoint Template and Keynote

3d stair infographics for PowerPoint are created with step by step design. The stair diagram normally shows the stages of growth. So the diagram is suitable to present the step-by-step development of a business or organization composed of eight steps. Professional and personal growth involves certain well-defined strategies. These eight strategies can be illustrated by this 3d shape PowerPoint template. Every shape in this presentation is created as PowerPoint objects, allowing the presenter to update and edit any feature and effect. Impress your audience and create outstanding PowerPoint presentations that appeal to executive audiences. The users can use this template to show progress or evolution using an increasing stair metaphor.

3d Stair Infographics, as the title goes the template looks like a flight of stairs in the 3d form. There are eight stairs numbered from 01 to 08 and each stair has a vibrant color on its own along with an option to write in the heading or title on each stair. As the number of stairs increases so does its size hence making 08 the longest stair and 01 the shortest. The right side of the slide is assigned to write content, there are six icons and text boxes attached to them to write brief descriptions on each stair you choose to relate with. There is also a bigger text box to write detailed descriptions on the whole subject.

The 3d stair infographics PowerPoint is all in all very colorful and very pleasing to the spectators at the meeting or presentation. It is available in white and black background and can be used as an index slide indicating the topics for the presentation or as the main points for a conclusion, or to show the various classifications, hierarchy, etc. The slide is designed in both powerpoint template and keynote.